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Best of Argentine Luxury Tour

Spanning from the tropics to the sub-Antarctic, Argentina is a country of diverse natural beauty, boasting the majestic Iguazu Falls in the north, and pristine Perito Moreno Glacier in Patagonia in the south. 

With no shortage of vibrant cities, incredible national parks and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, not to mention a gorgeous coastline, this magnificent country is a nature lover and traveler’s paradise!

- 10 days

This incredible 10-day itinerary brings you some of the greatest highlights of a land so beautiful, it is hard to describe. Our adventure takes us to the Iguazu Falls, which at 2800m wide is ranked the widest waterfall in the world, and designated as one of the "7 new natural wonders of the world. "



We visit too the unique valley glaciers of the Patagonian wilderness, which literally ‘crashes’ into the turquoise waters of the Argentine great lakes, creating massive icebergs and a spectacle and thunder so loud, those fortunate enough to visit will be changed forever.

The sophisticated capital, Buenos Aires, known to many as the “Paris of South America”, is actually a fusion of Italian, French, German, and English Sophistication in a Latin American Setting on the banks of the Rio de La Plata, which has the distinction of being by far the world’s widest river! 


All this and much more make for a unique experience that incorporates both natural wonders and vibrant cultural encounters in a way you will never forget.

This tour can be taken as a superior luxury, deluxe luxury or ultra luxury tour depending on budget. Please inquire about pricing and differences.

  • This bustling modern metropolis has a unique vibe that results from a combination of elements of New York, London, Frankfurt, and Venice, all in a Latin American Setting.

    From the old, colorful soccer-famous barrio of Boca in the south, to the modern Puerto Madero Riverfront, and from the Jewish textile shops of Onse in the West, to the French Cafes and “Rodeo Drive” style “Avenida Alvear” of Recoleta in the North, this city has something for everyone.

    Today, we explore the downtown region where we will visit the famous Pink House and Plaza de Mayo and will drive along Avenida de Julio - the world’s widest urban thoroughfare with 16 lanes! Time permitting, we will also visit some of the city’s other highlights, such as the famous soccer district of La Boca, the flea markets of St Thelma, and the chic neighborhoods of Palermo Soho and/or Recoleta.

  • An early morning flight due south takes us to the quaint town of El Calafate, gateway to magnificent Icefields of Southern Patagonia. 

    The Andes Mountain Range divides this region in two, with Argentinean Patagonia falling mostly in the arid western steppes, until arriving at the regional center of El Calafate on the shores of Lago Argentino, where the dry terrain gives way to the forests of the Andes foothills and massive valley glaciers that slide down the slopes to enter the great lake. 

    We arrive late-afternoon at our lovely hotel for a light lunch, after which we visit the impressive Glacierium, a modern museum that showcases the science and geography behind glaciers in general and the valley glaciers of the region in particular. 

    Before dinner you will be able to enjoy a stroll down the quaint streets of Calafate and its incredible lake-side views.

  • A magnificent drive along Lago Argentina and the nearby mountains takes us to the Southern side of the “Las Glaciares National Park”, and one of the world’s most beautiful glaciers, the famous “Perito Moreno.” 


    Our first encounter with this wonder of nature will be by boat, which will enable us to get up close to the southern wall of this ice-beauty.

    We spend the afternoon admiring the views of the Northern face of the glacier from the extensive walkways designed for this purpose, hoping to catch and even film a calving, which is a spectacular scene where large chunks of ice break off the glacier from the summer thaw and crash into the lake below, with a deafening thunder.

  • Today we explore the mountains above El Calafate by 4-wheel drive. In addition to a myriad of colors and amazing views of the Lago Argentina, these mountains contain incredible rock formations and are a photographer’s heaven. 

    Time permitting, we also visit a Patagonian estancia. 

    Those who prefer something more relaxed and time to do some shopping can enjoy strolling down the quaint lanes of Calafate Town and a walk along its lakeside. 

    In the late afternoon, we transfer to the airport and fly back to Buenos Aires, where we spend the night before the next exciting leg of our trip. 

  • On Friday morning we fly north to the sub-tropical jungles of Argentinean Mesopotamia, the land of great rivers and the world’s largest waterfalls! 


    After checking-in to our jungle lodge we will have some time to enjoy the lovely grounds and prepare for an incredible Shabbos Programme of tefilla, song, and learning in the jungle.


    Shabbat Shalom!

  • Today, we explore the falls from the Argentina side, enjoying the numerous trails in the National Park that reward us with sights and sounds about which most people have only dreamed.

    A jungle train takes us to the beginning of the Upper Circuit, where about 1km of paths brings us to one of the most exquisite and panoramic viewing points of the Falls, the Devil’s throat. 

    We then take a four-wheel jeep drive through the jungle on the constant look-out for toucans and other birds as we drive down to the river, where subject to river conditions, we board a speed-boat that will take us right up to the falls - prepare to get completely soaked! 

    After enjoying our packed lunch at one of the picnic sites, we continue with the open parts of the lower trail (part has been damaged by flooding) which takes us past spectacular viewing points that are closer to the falls than the upper circuit, and which offer views of the gorge and the islands. 

    A short walk or train ride takes us back to our vehicle and to our lodge, for a very well-deserved dinner and rest!


  • Spanning 2800m at the meeting point of Argentina, Brazil, and nearby Paraguay, the mighty “Iguazu River” plunges down to the thunderous roar of the power of water, and the spectacle is indescribable.

    Today, we cross the border into Brazil, and view the falls from the Brazilian side of this massive river. Here, the views are incredibly unique, with the whole panorama of the falls being visible. 

    In truth, it is impossible to describe the splendor and uniqueness of both sides of these incredible wonders of nature. One keeps on thinking the view cannot get any better, and then it improves even more!

    On the Brazilian side, we are also able to approach the falls by boat, while getting soaking wet from the spray and waves.

    Our tour here would not be complete without a visit to the exotic bird park, home to one of the greatest collections of parrots and Toucans in the world, many of which are indigenous to the region, and some of which we hope to also see in the wild within the park. 

    This park is a world in its own right, and one can even have a photo taken with a real live Toucan! 

    Following a day of indescribable sights and sounds, we return to our hotel in Argentina for a delicious dinner, inspired by the largest waterfalls on this planet!

  • We take a morning flight back to Buenos Aires for our Jewish Interest tour of the city. Approximately 180,500 Jews live in Argentina, mostly in Buenos Aires as well as Córdoba and Rosario. 

    On this tour, we visit the famous Jewish area of ‘Once’ and some of its well-known synagogues. Time-permitting, we will also visit the brand-new world-class Holocaust Museum, which features descriptions of Jewish life in Argentina during the war and the sore issue of the harboring of Nazi war criminals. We also drive past the Amia memorial to Argentina’s worst ever terror attack and learn about Iran’s alleged role in it. 

    Following some free time for shopping, we head to the international airport for our flight home, enriched with incredible memories of this gorgeous and fascinating land!

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