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Our highly trained team of guides, chefs and mashgichim accompany each group to some of the finest hotels in every region, creating meals of fine-dining experiences that would be the envy of any top-notch restaurant.​ You will be accompanied and attended to through every stage of the journey with our personalized concierge services. Our fully inclusive 5-star trips include not only three lavish meals per day, but also soft-drinks, fine wines, snacks on excursions, and many other special touches. In addition to our regular packaged group tours, which are an incredibly fun opportunity to make new friends in the most fantastic places, we also offer personalized trips for small groups of friends and family. So, take the plunge, and contact us now, to embark on a life-changing journey which you will never want to end….

together with whom our own cheffing team and certified mashgichim are able to reach an unparalleled level of kosher gourmet experience.


Defined by elegance and sophistication and the highest-quality and standard of kosher food, enjoyed in a refreshing and distinct ambience!

GKS is about providing the kosher traveler with a unique opportunity to experience some of the most unforgettable wildlife-rich, scenic, and cultural travel destinations in the world, whilst indulging their pallet in a culinary experience of gourmet kosher cuisine, prepared fresh on-site under the strictest kashrut supervision. Decades of successful delivery has earned us a network of loyal clients who simply wouldn’t consider any other way to travel.

An all-encompassing culinary experience


Wherever possible, our preference is to use the highest standard of local kashrut authorities to provide our kashrut certification for example, our African safaris and tours fall under the supervision of the Johannesburg Beis Din, Argentina under Rav Oppenheimer’s Adjut Kosher, and Australia under Community Kashrut.


​Where unavailable, or if logistically more suitable, we take a registered mashgiach with us from another recognized kashrut authority. Our meals are prepared fresh on site in the presence of a full-time mashgiach. At GKS there is no pre-cooked food brought in from the cities, and certainly no doubling up of the guide or host as mashgiach. All meat is glatt by default, fresh baked products are pas Yisroel. Regular milk is only used when our kosher certifier permits it on the basis of the ruling of Rav Moshe Feinstein zt’l. Chalav Yisroel lechumra is available in most venues on special request. Although we are subject to local import regulations and availability in all the regions we visit, nonetheless, we spare no effort or reasonable expense to source the wide variety of kosher products required for a high-end culinary experience, including importing kosher meats, wines, and dairy products from the nearest or most suitable country with a viable Jewish community life. Of course, despite our uncompromising efforts, when unavoidable limitations exist, such as the beef ban in India and ban on importing raw red-meats into the Galapagos, then our menus are adapted accordingly with every effort made to minimize the impact on the variety of quality dishes we serve. When local quality kosher baked goods are unavailable, our own pastry chef bakes fresh breads and pastries daily. We strive where-ever logistically possible to serve quality lunch spreads where-ever we happen to be for the day. Where not possible, packed lunches are provided. By default, our tours include all drinks at meals, quality locally available wines at dinner, and snacks and bottled water on demand during excursions.

In short- we are not just a kosher tour operator, the quality of both our food and kashrut is our pride and joy, and an essential element of the luxury experience for which our tours are famous!

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